Facebook Mobile Advertising: 5 Best Practices To Follow

The usage stats for the Facebook mobile app are truly stunning. As reported by Nielsen, the app is currently the no. 1 mobile app across the market as a whole. The average monthly reach of the app is estimated at 103,000,000 users. In comparison, the app that’s next in line – Google Search – has 75,000,000 average monthly users.

What this means for us is simple – go and advertise on Facebook mobile. Really, an audience of 103 million is not something you’d want to miss out on.

1. Start Small
It’s very rare for a Facebook ad campaign to be profitable right from the get-go. For that reason, it’s a lot smarter to start each campaign with just a small budget and then build up over time.

Sometimes, even as little as $4 a day will get you going in the right direction. In the worst case scenario, if the campaign brings no results at all then running it for a week will still cost you only $28 in total.

2. Split Test Images

Images are crucially important, especially for mobile. Almost everyone who’s been on Facebook Ads will agree that the image is much more important than the copy of your ad.

The best way to go about this is to launch three or four ad groups for a campaign, each with a different image. Then once you have the best performing image, you can start testing the copy.

3. Don’t Use Stock Photos

The key to making Facebook Ads work is to use images that look like something that a real person would upload.

Remember, we’re dealing with mobile news feed ads here, so the best way to go is to use some not-so-professional images that don’t look official at all.

4. Try a “Like” Campaign First

Getting likes is relatively cheaper than bidding for other actions on Facebook. Also, Facebook Ads has a built-in mechanism for campaigns geared at getting likes.

Once you have the likes, you can start reaching out to your fan base directly.

5. Give Your Ads a Few Days to Get Going

Although Facebook will start running your ads almost immediately after you finish creating them, getting some worthwhile results can take a couple of days.

By the looks of things, Facebook needs a while to get into the groove with all new ads before it finds the most optimized way to deliver them.

Source: CasinoAffiliatePrograms.com